The Graham Family Foundation of Connecticut, Inc.
Grant Guidelines:

  1. The form for submission of funding requests by sponsoring members is to be reviewed annually by the Graham Foundation Board of Directors. All funding requests should be submitted in writing to the President of The Graham Foundation of Connecticut, Inc. The request should include at a minimum the following information:

        • The legal name, address and telephone number of the organization or institution

        • Responsible person - chief spokesperson – who can be contacted by telephone.
        • Institutional Objectives – clearly stated, comprehensive and non-discriminatory in nature; and properly communicated; include population, geographic area served, and the organization structure including a list of the Board of Directors and officers.
        • An overview and brief history of the organization, including goals, purposes, significant past projects, areas of strengths, limitations and/or problem areas.
        • Present tax status. A copy of the IRS determination letter(s) indicating the organization’s specific tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3).
        • Present funding, past funding, an audited financial statement (if available), or a copy of Form 990 for the most recently completely fiscal year will suffice.
        • The specific amount being requested from The Graham Foundation of Connecticut, Inc.
        • A statement describing in detail the project or activities to which the requested grant monies would be directed.
        • A copy of the latest available annual report for the organization.
        • How your organization envisions the requested grant monies will make a difference.
        • With matching grants available, The Graham Foundation of Connecticut, Inc., pledges to match the amount of your organizations or institution can raise from other sources if your proposal is accepted.
        • In addition to making grant monies available to your organization or institution, what further support can The Graham Foundation of Connecticut, Inc., offer to you?

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