Letter from the President

For the more than 12 years that we have been in business we have seen that philanthropy is the key to advancing positive change in our society.

Our goal at The Graham Foundation of Connecticut, Inc., has always been to help those who need help in our southwestern Connecticut region... places which foster creativity, innovation and work with a spirit of cooperation. Those are the qualities we look for, whether in the arts, education, assisting the physically challenged, or in sports. This has always been our hope and understanding behind what makes for successful locally focused charitable fondations.

We employ a variety of strategies to have the greatest impact. Through direct grants to selected public charities primarily in Fairfield County, assisting those qualified non-profit organizations in writing and production of marketing and promotional materials for print or broadcast, as well as other publicity that instructs or educates the general public. Our goal is to strengthen the selected organization's messaging and test new approaches in how they spread their message to the public.

To commemorate The Graham Foundation's 10+ years of service, we have produced a website that celebrates the Graham family history of giving back to the community. Information provided through the website tells the story of its formation by Founder and President, Robert A. "Red" Graham, Jr., and details the list of those who we're proud to have as partners. You can view the information by following this address: www.GrahamFoundationCT.org.

Much of our work is regionally focused. But we have a broad vision, with recent support for education through the arts and support for sports programs in the inner city. Our commitment is to remain creative in our giving, support our non-profit partners so they can help others, and continue to define how our philanthropy can help those who need help.

The Graham Foundation of Connecticut, Inc., trustees continue to work with the process begun in 2001 in southwestern Connecticut community. We will continue to hold the standard of excellence that Founder "Red" Graham set for this charitable entity because it is important that we continue to find creative ways to support the qualified non-profit community in Fairfield County.

Mark. S. Graham
President & Treasurer